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KickTheStickz - Member of the Crowd
Title: Member of the Crowd
Pairing: KickTheStickz
Author: EmzSwigglez
Genre: Smut
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Mysterious PJ, under-age drinking, mention of drug use
Disclaimer: I (sadly) do not own Chris/PJ!
There's something in my gut that tells me tonight will be a fabulous night indeed. No, being greeted at the door by an under-dressed 14 year old girl asking me to hold her hair back while she vomited may not have been the greatest welcome; a party is an onion, and the deeper you delve the juicier it gets.
Not that I would recommend eating a raw onion. That was a horrific metaphor.
With vomit sprinkled up my jeans, I fight my way through grinding bodies and giggling drunks. In the back of my head I keep reminding myself that I'm here to keep Phil company - I can't just turn back and abandon him.
Just as I awkwardly step over two (possibly three) lesbians making out on the floor, Phil appears in my line of sight. I'd just entered the kitchen, littered with shards of bottle-green c
:iconemzswigglez:EmzSwigglez 28 11
After Hours - PHAN 10
Dan was panting for breath next to me, his eyes clamped shut. I was fighting for breath myself, my lungs vibrating and blood racing. In the distance the low rumble of a Henry Vacuum Cleaner could be heard, along with the squeeeak-clack of rubber flipflops on marble. Dan's eyes slid open and he examined me - from his easy laugh, I presumed that I looked totally worn out. Which I was.
I realised where we were suddenly - we were pressed firmly against lockers, the dials and air vents digging into our backs, our arms. We were in a school hallway, of course, it seems obvious - but that did not stop my stomach from plummeting 7 storeys. Yes, the lockers had around the same quantity of gum plastered onto their surface as any other hall, the marble was the same shade of glistening white as any other hall...
Dan leaned close and whispered into my ear, his breath making me shiver and cringe slightly, "if we quietly tiptoe to the end of this row of lockers, then round the corner at the end
:iconemzswigglez:EmzSwigglez 54 68
Hastag Swag and  the return Emily's horrible face by EmzSwigglez Hastag Swag and the return Emily's horrible face :iconemzswigglez:EmzSwigglez 12 22
Phan: A Wet Dream from Mint Green
Title: A Wet Dream from Mint Green
Pairing: Phan
Author: EmzSwigglez
Genre: Smut
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Aggressive Phil :o, accidentally based in Manchester apartment
Disclaimer: I (sadly) do not own Dan/Phil!
"I can't fucking believe you, you little shit!" Phil bellowed into Dan's face, causing him to begin moving backwards, "I can't fucking BELIEVE you would do this to me!"
Dan's mouth swung open and closed before he could stutter out a weak, "but Phil - it's not like I wanted you to be fired -" Cutting him off, Phil quickly slammed him against the wall and gripped harshly at his shoulders.
"Phil, Dan.. we've just gotten back our reports and research information." a man dressed solely in mint green smiled (falsely) at the two. Dan and Phil only knew that he was the boss of the BBC, and therefore someone whose arse they most definitely had to lick until they hit bone.
The Mint Green man moved a hand up to his bald head and gave it an awkward rub, indicating that the news wa
:iconemzswigglez:EmzSwigglez 80 48
Phan: Hold On
Title: Hold On
Pairing: Phan
Author: EmzSwigglez
Genre: Angst? I dunno it's just sad um
Rating: Everyone
Warnings: Illness, kinda short
Disclaimer: I (sadly) do not own Dan/Phil!
"Sometimes," he gulped, "things just don't work out."
My legs gave way and I found myself kneeling at his bedside. The chill of the tiled floor was seeping into my knees and travelling up my spine, but I needed to be near him. "D-Dan... please..."
"Phil, stop." a lone tear escaped the corner of his eye, "Don't you fucking let yourself break."
Dan's heart monitor beeped softly in the background, a constant reminder, an overly repeated slap to the face. And oh god, I was too weak to hear it right now - too weak to imagine how this would end, how I would end up, how the world could even go on...
Dan's hand shifted slowly and I moved to grasp at it, both my hands clasping it tightly. The I.V. was digging into my palm but I daren't let go; I would never let go of Dan.
"Stop crying, Phil." he whispered, squee
:iconemzswigglez:EmzSwigglez 19 25
Phan: Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned
Title: Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned
Pairing: Phan
Author: EmzSwigglez
Genre: Smut / AU
Rating: NC-17 (i.e. my specialty)
Warnings: Priest!Phil, things religious people shouldn't be up to oops
Disclaimer: I (sadly) do not own Dan/Phil!
"Thank you, Lord, for your presence at this service. Thank you for your cleansing Words and helpful guidance," Father Philip calls out, spreading his arms out widely, his vestment seemingly giving him wings, "Forgive us, Father, of all of our sins and iniquities. Remould us, Lord; mould us as you would have us be. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen."
A chorus of Amens echo around the spacious church, some enthusiastic, some tired. All a force of habit.
Father Philip slowly lowers his arms and smiles joyfully at the rows of worshippers- before his eyes are drawn to the harsh creak of tall, metal double-doors. A boy that has been showing his face quite a lot recently stands with rain-soaked clothing. Almost on queue, a boom of thunder sounds
:iconemzswigglez:EmzSwigglez 64 74
A Letter of Concern - Anti-Phan/One Sided Phan
Dear reader,
I can't fully recall how it all started.
All I can think about is the way Phil's eyes lingered on me a bit too long- not in a nice way either. A kind of look that made your bones crackle and your lungs freeze. It was almost as if a waxy cover was attempting to alter the way Phil's loving, caring blue eyes looked- and the wax was succeeding, making them look dull and lifeless.
Phil didn't look at me very often now. He would mostly look behind me as he pummelled his fists into my chest, squeeze his eyelids shut as he winded me over and over.
Recently his inability to look at me really changed the way I live. I'm forced to sleep, eat and live in a relatively cramped room, with a rusty metal bed, peeling wallpaper and creaking oak floorboards. A pale blue bucket stands shamefully in the corner, for when I need to relieve myself.
The fact that Phil got bored of me hasn't yet sunk in. Once upon a time we were constantly together- inseparable, in love.
I thought it was love an
:iconemzswigglez:EmzSwigglez 20 43
After Hours - PHAN 9
I woke with a start, jumping at the weight that fell onto my shoulder. My mind immediately thought it was my dad, angry at how I'd always be a disappointment, never be what he wanted.
But - upon seeing Dan - I realised I was still in school. A smile tugged at my lips, only just being fought off by the sudden awkwardness I felt once I remembered Dan was topless.
My hand was shaking a little as I gently nudged Dan until he was slouching forward, over his jean-clad legs, before forcing my tired legs to carry my body over to a dusty window. 307's art haven was even more breath-taking when the early morning sun was sparkling off of glass jars filled with glitter, illuminating corners that had almost disappeared in the night before. Peering outside made my mind freeze for a second though- I saw a road sweeper thundering along the empty street, clearing up all the litter and grime that'd been gathered over the past week. I could see trees shivering and coughing in the light morning breeze, dr
:iconemzswigglez:EmzSwigglez 58 76
Phan: Dani 2
"I'll have my usual, love," a regular asks, winking one of his belt-hole sized eyes at me. I think he's a plumber.
"Got'cha, sugar," I coo back, making sure that when I turn around to get a new pack of sweeteners down I reach for the top shelf. A strip of slightly cooler air hits my lower back, telling me that my shirt definitely lifted.
Whilst busying myself preparing his black coffee, 3 sweeteners, I think to myself whether making myself out to be a bit of a whore to people that tip is - well - wrong..
"Thank you, love," he says in response to his drink being placed before him. £3 in coins is placed in my palm, and an extra £2 coin is dropped into the TIPS jar, the sound of metal hitting metal echoing inside the half-full jar.
Totally worth it.
The day hadn't even been too busy- I'd just gotten a lot of my favourite tippers in.
You can tell who will tip. I'll give you a brief example:
Imagine you're stood behind your counter, all busy with your coffee machines and g
:iconemzswigglez:EmzSwigglez 16 44
Phan: Dani
Opening tired eyes to a room filled with sunlight is never a fun time. I cursed under my breath and attempted to block the sound of my alarm out with my cover, pulling it over my head and groaning into the fabric. Despite my best efforts, the horribly upbeat sound of 'Party in the USA' still reached my ears, even if it was slightly muffled.
Finally accepting my fate, I yanked the cover off of my face and allowed the light to sting my eyes, forcing myself to adjust.
My hand shot out to grab my phone, feeling and jumping around on my bedside cabinet before actually getting a firm grip on it. I moved it over, clicked a button to turn my alarm off, and checked the time..
"SHIT!" I yelled, practically leaping out of my bed and, on my run into the kitchen, I tripped over nearly every item of clothing that littered my flat's floor.
Apparently my alarm had gone off 4 times. My phone had read 9:25...
I was about 25 minutes late for work.
My hands grabbed a yoghurt - I had no time for cer
:iconemzswigglez:EmzSwigglez 16 40
Phan: Grinning Boats
Title: Grinning Boats
Pairing: Phan
Author: EmzSwigglez
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG? There's some swearing and alcohol.
Warnings: None!
Disclaimer: I (sadly) do not own Dan/Phil!
The ground wasn't quite as stable as I'd have liked it to be, as I forced my legs to keep moving.
I'd casually been making my way home after a long day, carrying bags filled with cereal and other every day requirements, when a young man called over- he'd offered me a place on a massive boat party, smiling kindly and ushering me in immediately.
The only thing is, I'd been too amazed at the random opportunity that had popped up infront of me to really consider what was happening. I just remember mumbling an uncertain "Um.. Hi? I'm .. Dan?" to a curvaceous young woman wearing next to nothing, who then wrote my name down on a list I only caught a glimpse of. A smile lit up her face as she looked back up at me, then she moved and shoved open a pair of magnificent wooden doors, revealing a stadium-like room ut
:iconemzswigglez:EmzSwigglez 31 81
A Poem By Daniel Howell - Phan/Anti-Phan
Title: A Poem By Daniel Howell
Pairing: Phan/Anti-Phan
Author: EmzSwigglez
Genre: Umm.. a little bit of Fluff and perhaps Angsty? (so bad at genres)
Rating: PG
Warnings: Incest, silly Dan
Disclaimer: I (sadly) do not own Dan/Phil!
'The constant persistence was driving me crazy.
Teachers call me worthless, pathetic-
entirely unaware of the mountains of fractions and projects I've been told to do by every other clone in the school.
Don't talk back.
Don't look up.
Even when your eyes begin to close during lesson,
     the exhaustion creeping into your system,
         the disgust at how homework was eating you alive...
My mind begins to fuzz, stressful tears begin to fall.
The countdown begins.
Due tomorrow?
- Daniel Howell.

My printer shook and juddered, echoing sharp buzzes and clicks around the silent house. Everyone was asleep, unknowing of the silent suffering that I was enduring.
I'm over worked to the point of self destruction. I punch walls and p
:iconemzswigglez:EmzSwigglez 32 55
Mature content
Phan: Screw (during) P.E. :iconemzswigglez:EmzSwigglez 50 60
Phan: Screw P.E.
Title: Screw P.E.
Pairing: Phan
Author: EmzSwigglez
Genre: Fluff
Rating: Everyone!
Warnings: None (for once)
Disclaimer: I (sadly) do not own Dan/Phil!
Other students were chatting, changing, some frantically dodging in, out and between the aisles. Yet, Phil and I were definitely in no hurry to do any P.E... so we were just relaxing.
Phil was strumming his red acoustic guitar, humming and whispering lyrics to the odd song, altering the pitches and trying to get a fresh sound. I was sat, legs crossed and pencil in hand, drawing him.
A flick of the wrist, a swerve to the right, a curve to the side..
My eyes would sometimes catch Phil grinning up at me through his fringe, only making my enthusiasm to print his image out flawlessly even stronger. I was eager to please, shading and putting in as much detail as I could. My mind was bubbling over with new ideas- how about some charcoal for that part? Maybe I could re-do that in pen? If only I had watercolours to do that part...
My b
:iconemzswigglez:EmzSwigglez 51 40
Phan: Bad For Me
Title: Bad For Me
Pairing: Phan
Author: EmzSwigglez
Genre: Smut
Rating: R?
Warnings: Aggressiveness and anger
Disclaimer: I (sadly) do not own Dan/Phil!
The anger was visible in Phil's face, all of his features twisted and intense. His hands squeezed into fists and shook, the movement only just holding him back.
"I can't fucking believe you!" Phil screamed, his breath coursing into my face.
I blinked and calmly responded, "She wanted it."
"THAT DOESN'T GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO FUCK MY GIRLFRIEND, DANIEL!" Phil let loose at this point, violently pushing my shoulders back until I slammed into a wall, where he firmly held me. I struggled against his hands, seeking freedom, but was being contained too well.
Frustrated, I kneed him in the crotch and ran off, looking back for a second to see him doubled over in the middle of our apartment, groaning in pain. I jumped over Totoros and DVDs scattered around the floor before reaching the bathroom door and locking it immediately. I was gaspin
:iconemzswigglez:EmzSwigglez 83 89
Phan: Creepston - Chapter 10
Title: Creepston
Pairing: Phan
Author: IHaveAMoustache/Emzswigglez
Genre: Anti-Phan (Will change!)
Rating: 12+
Warnings: Swearing (this is basically a permanent warning. I mean, it IS Dan's POV!), weird little 3rd person bit and some reference to le seckz.
Disclaimer: I (sadly) do not own Dan/Phil!
Dan's POV
I woke up with a deafening yawn, rubbing at my eyes and stretching out my tired bones. Head rested on a comfy pillow, I ran a hand through my hair and surveyed my room. It was looking rather untidy.
Dan, you absolute slob!
Oh Dan, shut up! I'll sort it out later!
Ugh, you need to iron that t-shirt in the corner too..
Haha, yes I know Dan...
Also, what about food? You'll need to get some proper foo-- HOLY SHIT DAN! LOOK NEXT TO YOU
What indeed.
My eyes suddenly landed on a lump next to me in bed. A human-sized lump.
Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shiiiiiit! I slept with PJ last night didn't I?
"Ugggghhhnnf" PJ groaned, hands gripping
:iconemzswigglez:EmzSwigglez 24 44


D422 by miobi D422 :iconmiobi:miobi 378 15 Valery by vikafilina Valery :iconvikafilina:vikafilina 2 0 Johnlock teatime by applejaxshii Johnlock teatime :iconapplejaxshii:applejaxshii 979 26 Colagem by BLDRDSH Colagem :iconbldrdsh:BLDRDSH 432 29
Things You Can't Reverse
There are some things you can't reverse
Like pencil marks on paper and stains on the mirror
And calluses that linger on your fingers
There are some things you can't reverse
Like when the moon fully blocks out the sun
Or when the birds come and go with the season
There are some things you can't reverse
Like old rusted kettles and spent candles
That flake and crumble like aged sandcastles
There are some things you can't reverse
Like fallen and faded rose petals
That lie forgotten, hidden in the shadows
There are some things you can't reverse
Like badly torn seams and haunting dreams
And the fish that died with the dying streams
There are some things you can't reverse
Like ancient houses falling apart
And broken necks and broken hearts
There are some things you can't reverse
Like when the very love of your life
Becomes nothing more than an estranged wife
There are some things you can't reverse
Like statues turned green or blown into smithereens
And the heartbreaking tales of runaway teens
:iconlittlepuddington:littlepuddington 9 9
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Emily Swingle
United Kingdom
This is me chillin with my real actual best friends Dan and Phil. They're alright, but not as totallyfamous as me so just ignore them.

Rubik's Cubes give me nightmares.

I like AmazingPhil, Danisnotonfire, My Chemical Romance, Supernatural and food.

Come and cuddle me or I'll continue sitting alone in my room :heart:

I usually go by EmzSwiggle so drop the z in my dA name okay yes

'Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It's not.'

I don't really ship Phan too much, I just write it because I love Dan and Phil's characters.

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Hohohoooo, Merry Christmas everyone n__n

As you might already be aware... I have been so shitty lately. I haven't posted a fic in ages and the last one I posted wasn't even a Phan which has always been my main pairing when writing! The fact it wasn't a Phan also means it might not have even been read by half of the people who enjoy my fics as they expect Phan and only Phan from me--

So I'm really really sorry, my sincerest of apologies :'(

Basically, what I'm trying to say is that I feel so horrible about this all! I want to write more for you but the dreaded school is making me so depressed lately and just giving me too much to do, so when I get home I don't want to write, I just want to sleep and feel sorry for myself... 
But I want to change that. I want to write more for the people that like reading my stories and write more for myself, to clear my head.

I think a main worry for me as of late has been the decline in feedback- to put it simply, hardly anyone uses DeviantArt anymore. I sort of considered moving to Tumblr (where literally everyone is now) but I just don't like the format as much as DeviantArt. I also considered FicWad but even less people use that. It's just sort of frustrating working on a big fic and knowing that less people will read it because it's not on the main website where everyone goes to find Phan, y'know? Like, I posted an update to After Hours and it took about a month for it to even get half the views the last update got; Hardly anyone goes on this site regularly anymore to see updates or read fics. If I want people to read my stories then I'd have to post them on Tumblr anyway, which I can't be arsed to do...

To summarise, I don't get enough time to write lately and I'm really goddamn sorry about that ;__; I hope to write so much more for you guys in the new year, and hopefully new readers will find me without the use of Tumblr... (I feel like an anti-Tumblr-fic person because I'm fanfic-old-fashioned woopsy)

If you didn't particularly care about all my issues and stuff... Just - Merry Christmas everyone, I hope to see much more of you all in the new year :)



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